Monday, June 9, 2014

Death Grips Release First Half Of New Album

It's not even really a surprise anymore, Death Grips releasing a new album with no promotion and no lead-up that is. That is exactly what they did last night when they released the first half of their double album, The Powers That B. What is surprising however is that the first 8 songs, called Niggas On The Moon, features Bjork. Yes, that Bjork. The jarring release follows the production pattern of their previous release, Governmental Plates, and the lyrical pattern of the releases before that, choosing to incorporate MC Ride on many of the songs, something that wasn't adhered to on Governmental Plates. Following below is the first 8 songs off Death Grips' Soundcloud, along with the album cover. A review for the double album's eventual release will be a certainty.

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