Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hiatus...If You Couldn't Already Tell

Just a quick heads-up that my input on Dozens Of Donuts won't be as substantial as this previous semester. I recently graduated from college, despite one more online class I'm currently taking, and am well underway at a new job that's taking up a bit of my time. Plus I wanted to take a little time off from the constant stress I was put under with this Blog since it was my Capping Project (B+, not too shabby). No need to fear however, with time comes adjustment and, especially in the coming Fall Semester, I'll be back to writing about everything that interests me in music. Don't depart for the Summer just yet as there's always a good chance I'll post something here and there when time is available to me. 

There's a few things I've been aching to discuss. Death Grips' recent release being one (I love it), my Top 10 of the Year Lists I will certainly continue, and I have a few Editorials positioned for when I have enough time on my hands since they're the most labor intensive. Thankfully, as of right now, this upcoming Summer isn't jam-packed with release, and is rather light, so reviews and such will be most likely put on the back-burner. I do plan on reviewing Death Grips' new album however, but only when the second half of it comes to us. Regardless of my changing position in life right now, rest assured that I'm still continually thinking about my Blog and ways to improve and expand since the reception I got was far superior than anything I could imagine. I would be foolish to let it all go now. Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you all relatively soon. 

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