Wednesday, March 19, 2014

XV Releases First Part Of Madness Begins Series

Its been a while since we've heard from Kansas City rapper XV. His last mixtape, Popular Culture, released in June of 2012, which in the internet age, is a long time ago. But, after a long bout of silence, XV is back in true form. To kick off March Madness, XV released Madness Begins, the first part of his five-part series to once again instill hype in the Kid with the Green Backpack. Speaking of the latter project, his debut album, which has been titled since 2007, it may actually see the light of day this year according to a tweet by the rapper.

XV fans are well aware of his long career spanning well over 15 mixtapes so we'll see if this final claim holds true. The five part series beginning and ending during March Madness may be a way to begin the hype train on track to his debut. The first installment is an EP containing 8 tracks, 2 of which are freestyles. It's a sign of hope for the rapper desperately trying to make it in the game. Below you can catch his tweet to the tracklist and cover, along with a link directly to his website to download the first part of the EP, and the intro to Madness Begins below.

Download the EP here:

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