Sunday, March 23, 2014

Jay Electronica Releases New Track, Features Jay-Z

It seems like it may finally be the year of Jay Electronica. After years and years of unannounced, quiet lulls of silence, the famed-R.O.C. Nation rapper has released two tracks, one being contained within the official tracklist he posted nearly two years ago, the other being released today as a knock-off single featuring R.O.C. Nation head Jay-Z. In July of 2011 Electronica announced his debut album Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) was complete. Ever since that moment fans have been patiently waiting, some more than others based on the tremendous swaying of the levels of hype.

On 'We Made It,' the single released today, Jay Electronica claims "Apologies to my fans for waiting so patiently." This might mark the pivotal point where the Louisiana rapper himself is aware the end is in sight. Also, as opposed to other Electronica releases, this track was created relatively recent as the Oscar Winning movie 12 Years A Slave is mentioned. Don't expect the record to be on the album though as the rappers displaying their skills are doing so on Soulja Boy's beat off the track of the same name. 

For those who haven't heard the previous track, 'Better In Tune With The Infinite," I've contained it below. The former is more in tune with typical Jay Electronica style, using movie clips to bring his point across. Check out both songs here.

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