Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Atmosphere Announces New Album, Southsiders, Due May 6th

The duo of Slug and Ant, otherwise known as Atmosphere, hailing out of Minneapolis have announced their 7th LP Southsiders, expected to be released May 6th. In revealing fashion the group announced the track list, album cover, and lead single all in the same day and all available for viewing below. Coming off of their somewhat disappointing 2011's Family Sign, Slug and Ant hope to return to their former glory of 2008's When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold.

No details have emerged yet about the album but if lead single 'Bitter' is any indication, it may subtlety be electronically-influenced. Unfortunately there's nothing really astounding about the track itself. The beat falls flat, relaying much on simplicity that just doesn't sound appealing, the lyrics, while decent, are nothing spectacular, and the chorus is lazy and uninspired. Judging by the album cover as well, it may be a cold album with the harshness of Minnesota gracing the cover. Regardless of the previews, the 15 track LP will be worth a listen when it arrives in two months. It also includes a song called Kanye West, so that's something.

1. Camera Thief
2. Arthur's Song
3. The World Might Not Live Through the Night
4. Star Shaped Heart
5. I Love You Like a Brother
6. Southsiders
7. Bitter
8. Mrs. Interpret
9. Fortunate
10. Kanye West
11. We Ain't Gonna Die Today
12. My Lady Got Two Men
13. Flicker
14. January on Lake Street
15. Let Me Know That You Know What You Want Now

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