Thursday, February 27, 2014

Yeezus Tour Film To Be Released

Announced over at, a Yeezus Tour Film is in the works and will be released to theaters some time in the near future. The piece is being directed by Hype Williams as well. Other details, especially over the specifics over the movie, are mum as of right now. Whether the film will be strictly tour footage or a mix between behind-the-scenes, documentary-esque, montages remains to be seen. What we can deduce from the 30 second trailer is that the visuals will be stunning, perfectly replicating the Yeezus Tour itself. 

In November I got the chance to see Kanye perform his special concert with Kendrick Lamar on hand. It was a performance to remember, with various acts displaying not just songs from Yeezus but every Kanye West album. The show was long but fulfilling and one I would highly recommend seeing in person. Stay tuned for more news regarding this and check out the trailer below.

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