Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writing For I Found Music

While this may be repeated news to some, and especially those who frequent both my site and I Found Music, I'd like to reiterate it here for those coming in. I've recently joined a joint-venture with I Found Music where I'll be doing some writing for them. The site, created by Stefan Ferencz has been one of my favorite blogs to visit when it comes to gathering new music over the past couple months. As most of my writing is long-form reviews, lists, and editorials, I Found Music gives me the opportunity to be more free-flowing, adding the ability to post short reviews on single tracks whenever they release, along with longer posts if I so choose, something I haven't had the time for as of yet on Dozens Of Donuts. I'm excited to see where our partnership goes and figured I'd let my fellow readers in on my whereabouts. I still have plenty of content coming to Dozens Of Donuts, so don't fret. And I will be cross-referencing any of my posts on IFM over to here so you can see my work on Stefan's site. So sit back, relax, and enjoy more writing from me in various places! 

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