Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tyler, The Creator's Version Of 1892's Daisy Bell Releases

Mark Ryden, creator of The Gay Nineties, a concept album where a large variety of artists, spanning incredibly divisive genres, reinterpret Daisy Bell, the 1892 song created by Harry Dacre, made popular by its incorporation in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. It's an crazy idea to say the least, and now we finally get a taste as to what it may sound like, as Ryden has officially released music videos for nearly all the artists' renditions. This includes Katy Perry, Weird Al Yankovic, Nick Cave, Danny Elfman, and Tyler, The Creator along with others. The latter being the most interesting.

Tyler's version sounds much like what you'd expect from Tyler's stereotypical oft-kilter 'love' songs, like Analog, She & Awkward. It features tingling hi-hats, rampant trumpets, and his trademarked lower pitched-shifted voice, professing his love for Daisy. It's creepy, tantalizing, and just a wee bit crazy. However, half way through an explosion of marching band-like snares, trumpets and all the like suffocate the production as Tyler begins repeating "Daisy Bell" in a gargling, pitched-voice as if he's consistently on the verge of burping. It's actually a really nicely made track. Check out the video below.

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