Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Track Review: Big K.R.I.T. - Mt.Olympus

Big K.R.I.T, mysteriously quiet over the past couple months, has just exploded with Mt.Olympus, a single track of epic proportions. Not usually one to boast, the constant talk of Kendrick's now-infamous Control verse and endless comparisons to other southern rappers convinced the King without a Crown to abandon his heart-felt, inspiring rhymes for four minutes of spazzing out, doubting all those who have critiqued him, reinforcing once again, that KRIT will never sell out. Despite it’s simplicity, the chorus may represent the strongest point of the track in getting across his message. In it KRIT raps “Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass, thought they wanted Molly, thought they wanted drank,” all alluding to the various trends in the South pertaining to Hip-Hop and the trap and bass that dominate the tunes, while the molly (drugs) & drank (alcohol) that dominate the dance floor. Not by coincidence, Molly and Drank sound an awful like Miley and Drake, which is yet another poke two of music’s most popular figures right now, both being accepted in radios across America. KRIT makes it clear he’s not selling out to their standards just to receive a fatter paycheck however.

Big K.R.I.T also mentions Kendrick’s Control verse, at this point in time probably just as a way to shut up constant discussion over his ‘rebuttal.’ His opening verse states “that Control beat is like an ugly bitch that everybody done fucked raw, maybe you hit it.” He goes on to mention that Kendrick’s name-calling wasn’t a diss, but a call-to-arms for all those in the game. Throughout the rest of the track, using his two verses, KRIT details, in devastating fashion, why the game is rigged to those who speak over the same re-hashed topics and give in to material possessions and trend-jacking. Andre 3000 is mentioned for not being considered the king despite his obvious choice, only because of his southern drawl and non-affiliation with an East or West coast during the 1990’s. KRIT likens himself to the legend by exclaiming that his own fate seems to be predetermined as well, “You tellin’ me I can be King of Hip-Hop and they wouldn’t give it to Andre 3000? Nigga please.”

In all likelihood however, the strongest proponent of this track is Krizzle’s varying flows and alterations he emphasizes throughout, especially during the middle portion of his second verse, where he absolutely spazzes into a no-breath segment. The section, only to be followed by another excellent flow-switch, only further elicits KRIT’s chances of being respected in the game for his skills on the mic, and in the studio.

The production, while not stellar, is certainly passable and includes some nice one-off portions and a sample of Three 6 Mafia’s “Yeah, ho.” The most noticeable beat switch is in the middle of the first verse where the sound drops out, only leaving a hollowed flute to accompany the rapper before the real beat hammers its way back into action, without KRIT stumbling one bit. Holy sounds echo in and out, with gospel choirs adorning the background of the middle portion, all meant to mimic the topic of discussion where KRIT claims that even if God were to come down and bless the rapper for being the greatest fans still wouldn’t believe it to be true.

Check out the track below 

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