Monday, February 24, 2014

Kid Cudi Releases Satellite Flight

After announcing that his next album Satellite Flight: A Journey To Mother Moon would be released in February of 2014 in late January few felt, with such little promotion, that the album would actually be released. In fact, not more than 3 months prior, the album was being referred to as an EP in lead up to Cudi's much anticipated return to his Man on the Moon series in 2015. But it seems as if Kid Cudi performed a Beyonce' & Death Grips-esque release, abruptly releasing the stream of the album on iTunes and other websites, stirring up hype on message boards across the internet. Potentially in a bid to compete with Schoolboy Q's Oxymoron, releasing digitally on the same day, Cudi could be attempting a revitalization after a few lackluster performances after his second Man on the Moon album released in 2010. Below is a link to a track-by-track streaming along with the iTunes download for people interested in purchasing the album. Look for a review of the album in the coming weeks.

Here's the first single off the newly-turned album, Satellite Flight:

Track-by-Track Stream:

iTunes Download:

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