Friday, February 21, 2014

50 Cent Releases New Track & Music Video, 'The Funeral'

Its been 4 years since 50 Cent released Before I Self Destruct, an album with high expectations that ultimately failed and seemingly hammered the final nail into the coffin that contained 50 Cent's career. Curtis, his 2007 album that was pitted again Kanye West's Graduation only to be blown out of the water critically and commercially, dealt a huge blow to 50's image. His self-released independent album 5 (Murder By Numbers) did not fair much better.

But with the announcement made earlier this week that 50 Cent would be leaving Shady Records, Aftermath & Interscope, a large statement was made in either 50's revival or his crash. Today, luckily, it seems as if the former will be true. To coincede with the announcement that Animal Ambition, his 5th studio album, would be released on June 3rd the famed gangster rapper released 'The Funeral,' a strong report of the dangers of street life over blaring horns and a simple drumline.

The track may rekindle some hope for long time 50 fans to go back to his old G ways. There's no chorus littering the track, no gimmick to grab casual fans, just gritty lyricism following the story of a thief who turned up dead. It's a powerful remark, and one that 50 pulls off graciously flowing over the simplistic beat backing him. Whether or not we can expect to see this quality of output from him in the future is left to be seen, but at least we have this track to hold over the tide. 

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